While most people think of an airport in terms of simply a gateway in and out of a city, we thought you might like to read some interesting facts concerning LRNA:


  • Little Rock National Airport covers over 2200 acres
  • There are over 3000 Arkansans employed in the LRNA boundariesThe airport itself employs over 160 individuals
  • Aviation (manufacture of private aircraft) is the state’s number one export
  • The wages paid by Falcon Jet alone amount to over $200 million dollars
  • Over 91% of all commercial airline travelers in Arkansas travel through the LRNA with an average of 2.1 million travelers annually 
  • There are approximately 150 commercial flights a day to 18 national and international gateway cities 
  • LRNA is spending in excess of $250 million on their current improvements and expansion
  • Numerous Arkansans and companies such as taxis, bus companies, parking facilities, rental car agencies, hotels and restaurants benefit directly from this facility   ts benefit directly from this facility


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